Why do we need your support:

In this world of grey and gloom, sometimes all we need is a smile to make things better.


The aim of this festival is to bring a moment of glitz, circus and glamour to the people of Wales and beyond and show that we know how to put on a festival that celebrates talent, diversity and gives back to local businesses and charity.


To do this we need your financial support, we promise to provide you all with a weekend full of quality entertainment in return.

To support us you can give a little or a lot, your donation will be recognised with either business advertising or getting your name and picture in the Festival Brochure.


Building on the success from this year, we will be in a position to build links across the UK, Europe and Worldwide and continue to support local business and talent.

To apply as a sponsor please click here

(link to “Go Fund Me”)


Here are some of the organizations and businesses

currently supporting us:

Here are some of the organisations and businesses

currently supporting us:


Sherman theatre, Blue Stocking Lounge, Cardiff Cabaret Club,

Angel Delights, SWICA carnival, No Fit State Circus, FooFooLaBelle


Festival to Excite and Empower!